tizz aims to make twitch viewership numbers easily accessible and shareable, with an emphasis on recent data. It uses games as the focal point, allowing anyone to see how a game is doing and what is driving viewership at particular times.

At a glance
Data points gathered
~59.7M and counting...
Started on
Mar 18, 2021

All data in the application is derived from live broadcasts on twitch. Every ten minutes, tizz gathers all live streams with five or more viewers, runs aggregations, and updates the application to reflect the latest pull. The only exception is the "broadcast", which is currently re-aggregated every 30 minutes.

note: Cutting out streams with < 5 viewers is why the viewership numbers on tizz will generally be slightly lower than twitch's viewership numbers.

Definition of a "Broadcast"

One unique aspect of tizz is the ability to see what was driving viewership of a game at a particular time. A broadcast on twitch vs. tizz are slightly different, a tizz "broadcast" is a unique combination of:

This is done because often, a different game or title can qualify as a different broadcast, especially when it comes to esports. An esports stream can last 6-12 hours with titles updating throughout the day indicating the current match. This definition of a broadcast allows tizz to easily identify what exactly was driving viewership at a particular time.

note: This can lead to some noise for channels who might change their titles a lot for more random reasons. tizz will offer an option to aggregate in these cases down the road.